About ImpactWind Data Portal

The Norwegian Offshore Wind Data Portal is an integral part of the ImpactWind Sørvest project (NRC grant # 332034; 2022.2028), aiming to accelerate the utilization of sustainable offshore wind resources on the Norwegian Continental Shelf.

Relevant information for siting, planning, installation, and conducting impact assessments for offshore wind farms ranges from national legislation and regulations to multiparameter physical characterization of sites and wind resources, studies of societal and environmental impact, and market information. No single website or data repository presently covers all relevant aspects. Identifying and verifying relevant on-line sources of information therefore poses a not insignificant challenge to planners, costing time and effort.

The Norwegian Offshore Wind Data Portal (work package 2 of the ImpactWind Sørvest Project) addresses this issue by providing a multi-disciplinary, topically organised overview and links to national and international websites, repositories and databases offering information and publications relevant for performing planning and impact assessment for offshore wind installations on the Norwegian continental shelf. The portal also includes links to companies providing services relevant for the offshore wind industry.


The portal only provides a collection of links to websites containing information relevant for offshore wind. We do not copy, store or mirror data or content from other sites.

Please note that due to the wide range of topics and disciplines related to offshore wind, the list of commercial providers of services and data is not likely to be exhaustive. We encourage users to suggest further relevant websites that can be added by using the feedback tab on our main page.

Privacy and data protection

User data will be handled in accordance with NORCE regulations for privacy and data protection.


Work package leader: Randi Valestrand, Research Leader, NORCE

Portal design, concept, and data compilation: Jan Tveranger , Senior Researcher, NORCE

Web design and technical implementation: Eric Patrick Ford, Senior Researcher, NORCE

Special thanks to our student interns from the Department of Earth Science, University of Bergen assisting the project as part of the GEOV298 Geo Internship course:

Data Compilation: Pauline Krogh Næss, student, UiB

Data Compilation: Kaspar Augland, student UiB

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