User instructions

Data portal integration

Information can be accessed through the DATA PORTAL and SCIENTIFIC DATABASES AND SEARCH ENGINES tabs on the main page. Data, regulations and service suppliers can be accessed through the former; Scientific and scholarly articles and other relevant publications can be accessed through the latter.

The DATA PORTAL comprises a column of topically organized key words on the lefthand side of the screen and providers of information displayed in the top row.

“Providers” include Norwegian governmental agencies and institutional sites, a selection of relevant international governmental and institutional sites, and commercial and other sites.

Navigating the portal

Scroll up/down for finding topics and key words, scroll right/left for viewing data providers. Zoom in and out using CTRL+ and -.

Keyword information about provider websites can be accessed by holding the mouse cursor over the “I” icon in the “Note” row. Left-clicking the providers name in the “Site” row brings up a summary description of the provider (governmental and institutional sites only).

The providers’ home pages can be accessed by left-clicking the link icon in the “Site link” row.

Left clicking the link icon in the “Map tool” row gives direct access to map tools hosted by some providers.

For finding specific information, pick a topic/keyword and scroll along the row. Providers of data and/or information on the chosen topic/keyword are indicated with an V along the row. Left-click V to access the link to the site. Note that there can be several data providers for the same keyword, content, or coverage in these may differ.

In some cases, links will lead to sites with map tools where the user will have to browse the map layers menu to find and access the wanted information. The reason for this is that these sites often do not allow direct links to be created for specific keyword.

Please also note that for most commercial sites we presently only provide a brief comment on their line of activity (mouse-over the “I” icon) and a link to their homepage.

The SCIENTIFIC DATABASES AND SEARCH ENGINES comprise a list of weblinks to international search engines and repositories of scientific and scholarly publications, as well as links to Norwegian national research archives and institutional repositories hosted by Norwegian academic institutions and research institutes. Relevant information can be accessed using search terms defined by the user.

Most of these sites are open access with respect to conducting searches, but some may require registration or a subscription. Individual documents may be open access or behind paywalls.

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