ImpactWind SouthWest has got four sub goals

  1. Collaboration and mobility between academia and offshore wind industry

    • Platform for contact with relevant partners; «Industry PhDs»; mobility academia/industry; student networks; international collaborations; Generating new collaborative research projects («spin-offs»).
  2. Open-access database for open data and reports relevant for offshore wind

  3. Research lift for knowledge gaps relevant for offshore wind development (to be continuously developed in close collaboration with the industry)

    • Effects on marine life; Spatial competition; Circular designs; Cost reductions and optimization of working conditions; Social acceptance; Employment; Wind resources in geoscientific and judicial perspectives; Quantifications of climate risks; Risks and consequences of accidents and critical mistakes; Continual monitoring of offshore wind installations.
  4. Education lift in close collaboration with industry

    • Summer school; seminars; PhD/post-docs; incorporation of offshore wind related subjects in education programs.


On December 21st 2020 NORCE was granted NOK 28 mill from the Research Council of Norway (RCN) to fund ImpactWind as a capacity lift part of research based innovation in regions (Forregion).

NORCE works towards finding solutions that benefit the community, and which increase sustainable value creation nationally and globally.

The University Partners


Contact researcher Zhiyu Jiang here.


Contact Ass. Prof Ignacio Herrera Anchustegui (Task leader) here.


Contact Professor Muk Chen Ong here.