The main goal of ImpactWind is to enable quicker development of sustainable offshore wind on the NCS through the strengthening of a common knowledge base and regional research/education relevant for ongoing and coming licensing processes. At the project’s end we aim to have attained new knowledge, new data and a strengthened research/education capacity relevant for offshore wind in and outside of Norway.

Data portal

Impact assessment related to planning, building and maintaining offshore windfarms is a multidisciplinary undertaking involving intergrated, holistic analysis of legal, environmental, engineering, and socioeconomic elements. In Norway, information and data relevant for conducting impact assessments is compiled, hosted, and maintained by governmental agencies, research institutes, universities, and commercial companies. Additional material relevant for impact assessments in Norwegian waters can also be found in governmental and commercial sources internationally. Although individually comprehensive, databases maintained by these institutions and agents are commonly highly specialised. The aim of the Norwegian Offshore Wind Data Portal is to provide an overview of and links to these data sources.

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